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Computers and Education


People's Opinions

By Erica


Computers in education have many pros and cons. Many schools are implementing the laptop programs, and lots of educational institutes are introducing technology and media into courses, offices, classrooms, and lifestyles. The rest of the page includes people’s personal thoughts on technology and how they feel. The question that I asked the following students and teachers, was how they felt computers and technology had changed there school, and any thoughts that they had. Here is how they felt.


“I really feel that the laptop program has had many positive changes on the school and its environment. It has made communication with the teachers so much easier, and enables me to have a computer all to myself 24/7; I really have not had a problem with it and think that it is a really smart and useful system that should be required by all schools."

Joey Burke – Grade 11 student St. Andrews College


“We have just recently had the laptop program introduced to our school, and there have defiantly been some major bugs that we have been working on ironing out, if I can offer some advice to those implementing the system it would be to get an extremely large tech team, and to be prepared for some major road blocks. Having said that I mean it is a great program, and having the laptops are really useful, I mean it is getting us ready for the real world. I like it but it has been a bit of a tough go”

Emily Harbinson – Grade 12 BSS


“We love the laptops, they are so much fun, they enrich our learning, and make everything less complicated. The notes appear on our screens as the teacher types them, and it makes our lives so much easier.

Grade 7 class – SAC


“At first when the laptop program was introduced to the school, it was a huge problem, and was very tough on the staff, a lot of extra work was required on our part, but now that the system has been in place for a little while, it is running very smoothly, and I find that it has changed the school in a very positive way”

Grade 7 teacher – SAC


“I have personally found that having laptops in class have caused most of us to loose focus, slack off, and mess around. I don’t really bother taking notes anymore, and I find it hard to focus on the teacher when I can be on msn, the internet, or just playing solitaire. I mean the laptops have there good qualities, but you really have to stay focussed.

Jay Rhind – Grade 12 RSGC


“To me I feel that computers are a really necessary part of education. I go to a school where there are 30 students to one computer; I really have no idea how to operate a computer. We never have enough time to get onto the computers to properly learn how to use common day to day to programs. I am really scared for my future because I know that computers are an essential part of today’s world, and I am unable to afford one. I am hoping I will be able to grasp simple concepts, so that I can continue onto University.

Alicia Fagan – Grade 11 Inner City Public School



“I think that the laptops have some major pros and cons. As far as pros go they are really nice for note taking, they make it so much easier for me to connect with teachers, and I also really like the fact that I have access to all the programs that I use. As far as the cons go I find that the network can be really slow, and when the network is down we really cannot do anything. Also one thing that we have started is these online conferences, I find them really annoying and can mess up my whole night. Trying to schedule them in can be really hard, and I think that we should defiantly not continue with them in the future. Other then that I mean they are cool.”

Arthur Simpson – UCC Grade 10

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