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Computers and Education


How it will affect PC

By Laura


          Our school is one of the oldest in the area, and amazingly, we have been able to keep up with today’s teaching standard with the high levels of technology. From TI-83 Plus Calculators, to projectors in every classroom, we have accelerated the learning standards of Pickering College’s classes. We are also introducing a new type of teaching and learning in the next couple of years; PC is becoming a laptop-based school. Below is a table showing Pickering College is being affected by Technology:


In The Future
Phones in Classrooms
Laptop Computers for every student
TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculators
Electronic Security System with swipe cards
Projectors in every classroom
Laptop Lab for use in Library and Classrooms
Computer Lab with 21 computers
Mimio Board in math classroom
Teacher Laptops

As you can see, Pickering College has adapted to many of the technologies that have been a large part of the new society. But it seems that PC is still behind the times, everything we bring in has been included in the system because of the quickly evolving economy. PC’s technologies are already old fashioned.

          Many other Independent Schools have turned to a system where every student carries with them a laptop. This way, each student has access to the internet for classroom assignments and discussions. They can also have all of their textbooks in the computer or on disks, lessening the weight in backpacks. Laptops also generally enable the students to become more organized, since they aren’t losing their notes constantly. But, Pickering has recognized the need for hand-drawn notes to be made, so an important decision has to be made: are tablet PC’s an option?

          Pickering College needs to update the system here, so it has been decided that every student will own a laptop and bring it to classes. Tablet laptops are an option, since you will still be able to have hand drawn notes in classes such as math. However, with this option, many people who already have laptops would have to switch. For some, this is a switch that is too costly, and they oppose the idea strongly. People should be able to use the laptops they already have, instead of spending more money for a new one. But this isn’t possible if the computer people already have aren’t compatible with things such as the school’s wireless internet system or certain software’s.

          The laptops will enable the students to use programs during every class that can help with their learning. Sites such as Blackboard provide students with communication with teachers, discussion boards, and drop boxes for work. Also, since they have access to the internet, students can conference with other schools about the lessons or assignments from that day. They will also be able to use programs that the teacher can use as a resource to explain the lessons.