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Computers and Education


How it affects Students

By Victor


The technology and students relationship is very strong; technology has been a big helped for the students at the time of learning, because it makes them learn faster and easier. Some of the technologies that the students use are:

Calculators, believe or not, calculator have been a big helped for students, it is technology because, in ancient times, students used to use abacus, now they used calculators and make them solve math problems easier and faster.

Classroom Assistant Software, this software let the students, check, read and post, school assignments. Students check assignments in the software with the advantage that they can check wherever they and Post assignment too. This software let the students know what they need to do and learn and read abou6t some other person assignments.

Web, this is the most used technology, students research and sent email or whatever that want to do, for learn, the internet is the fastest way to do an assignment that need to research.

Computers, the most important technology, without the computers students will basically die, because the computers help them to do assignment, organization, time management and the web will not work without the computer because this is how is transmitted. Computers make the students life easier and helped more, as I said, it help them organize, and in a computer you could have all your documents in just a little machine.