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Computers and Education


How it affects Teachers

By Nick


Today teachers have so much helpful and useful technology it’s amazing. Without the technology teachers have today, things would be much more difficult, and when you think about it, things would be much more difficult for the students as well. If you look back 10 years ago and see what they used and compare it with todays technology, it would blow your mind just how far technology has come, and what it has to offer.

Examples of what teachers use today:

-School Administration Databases
-Homework online

Those are just a few examples of some popular technology that teachers use today.

Technology has helped teachers so drastically. It has helped with their organization skills, presentations for students, communication, all sorts of things. Technology is also becoming very reliable, where as 5 years ago there was a good chance things wouldn’t work out, and breakdown.

One problem though, is that some teachers don’t believe in technology, or are not educated in that level, and find it hard to teach in that manor. What needs to be done is something needs to be offered, like a course, something just to boost there confidence in technology, because it is a very good tool for education, and it seems that students learn better with it.

Overall technology in the teacher’s perspective is very good in the education world. Without it where would we be? How would things be done today? Well lets just be thankful for what we have. Hopefully educators all around the world will be using technology one day.

Nick Se@wright